Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Face of Evil

The kid in this photo is five year old Édgar Enrique Hernández. Edgar lives in a small village in central Mexico. And while he may look sweet and innocent, it's important to remember that Hitler was cute as a kid, too.

Edgar has the misfortune of being identified as the earliest known victim of the current swine flu fad sweeping the planet. There may have been other, earlier victims in his village but, well, they're kinda dead and buried. All the Tamiflu in the world ain't gonna help them at this point.

La Gloria, the village in which he lives, is in an area with a lot of hog farms. Residents say that on some days, dust from the farms will blow into town and cover everything. Health experts seem to think that it was in this area that the new flu virus made the leap from animal to man.

U.S. navy sniper teams have been dispatched to La Gloria, but it is believed that Edgar has already gone into hiding.

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