Sunday, March 25, 2007

Timely Proposal

Here in the good ol' US of A, we changed our clocks a could of weeks ago. As is usual, many Americans complained about the whole process of changing clocks in the first place: It's stupid: it's confusing; we're not actually gaining daylight; it leads to more car crashes; the whole thing is just a scam perpetrated upon the American people by Dick "Head" Cheney and his cronies at Haliburton. Many of us even assume that we're the only nation on Earth that does this stupid ritual, and the rest of the world thinks we're a bunch of idiots for doing it, unlike, say, when we invade the wrong country.

Well, guess what? The United States is NOT the only country that does it!!! Er, the time thing, I mean, not the wrong country thing (we're definitely unique in that).

As today is the last Sunday of March, many other countries are moving their clocks ahead an hour to what they call "summer time." And yes, many people in those other countries are bitching about how it's stupid, or confusing, or just a general waste of time.

This has prompted London's Daily Telegraph newspaper to come up with an interesting proposal: Put the whole stinkin' world on Greenwich Mean Time. In other words, when it's, say, 11 AM in London, it will also be 11 AM in New York, Chicago, and Tokyo. Yes, it would be confusing at first. But if you think about the benefits, it actually kind of makes sense. Airline flight schedules will be greatly simplified, and we'll no longer argue about how many hours Brussels is ahead of DC.

Most importantly, just how much trouble can Britney Spears get into if she goes clubbing at 7:00 AM?

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