Sunday, March 25, 2007

The "I" Word

According to Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, there is increasing talk in Congress of impeaching President Bush because of the Iraq War. Specifically, Hagel cites Bush's decision to ignore last November's election results, public opinion, and Congress' wishes by pressing ahead with a troop buildup.

A careful reading of the United States Constitution, shows the document to be rather vague on whether such drastic action can be taken against a sitting President without him first getting a blowjob.

Meanwhile, Vice President Cheney has accused the House of Representatives of "undermining the troops" with its recent attempt to impose a deadline for American withdrawal from Iraq.

It is heartwarming to see Mr. Cheney express his support for our soldiers. After all, he was--and remains--one of the chief architects of this fiasco which has now claimed over 3200 American lives.

Too bad the vice President didn't decide to express his support by instead making sure our nation's veteran's hospitals were up to snuff.

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