Monday, October 09, 2006

That Genie's REALLY Out Of The Bottle Now

Good news from North Korea this fine morning: The communist nation says it has successfully conducted an underground nuclear test, and seismographic readings from around the world seem to confirm it. Well, either that, or they perfectly timed their announcement to coincide with a 3.58 magnitude earthquake.

Much of the civilized world has condemned North Korea's actions, and the United States is warning of dire consequences for its actions.

It's not immediately what those "dire consequences" will be, since North Korea has long been the target of international trade sanctions, its people are already starving to death, and the U.S. military remains seriously bogged down because Bush invaded a country that did NOT even have a nuclear program.

Oh, wait, sorry. My bad. We invaded Iraq because Saddam DESIRED to have nuclear weapons. Or at least that was reason #324 given after the first 323 kinda turned out not to be true.

Thank God we have our priorities straight.

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