Sunday, October 08, 2006


Most corporations will gladly pay to have their product featured on a TV show. After all, it's like a commercial, except that people can't scan through it since the product is presumably playing some sort of role in the plot itself. And such product placements, if handled properly, can actually enhance the storyline. For example, seeing a character drink an actual Pepsi (as opposed to some can merely labeled "cola") makes things seem more realistic.

One company, however, has taken exception to the practice. Indeed, they didn't even have to pay to have their product placed on the show. It was free publicity! And what do they do to show their appreciation to NBC? They're suing the network!

Emerson Inc., which makes various household products, was upset over a scene in the first episode of NBC's Heroes. One of the characters, a teenage girl, accidentally sticks her hand down a running garbage disposal. She then pulls the mangled, bloody stump from the drain and watches as her hand heals itself over the course of a few seconds. Emerson's contention is that the scene unfairly portrays their product as being dangerous.

Well, duh!!!! I think most people realize that it's not a good idea to stick parts of our bodies into running garbage disposals. If anything, Emerson should view what happened to that girl's hands as a compliment to the quality of their workmanship!

On the other hand, by filing this lawsuit, Emerson seems to be saying that their garbage disposals will NOT shred your fingers if you stick your hand down them. Hmmm.... Maybe I should try that myself to see if it's true. But Emerson should realize that if I do get hurt by doing that, I'm going to sue them since their own lawsuit implied their disposals were safe.

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