Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Get The Buzz

All too often today's kids get a bad rap. Adults complain that they're lazy, are ignorant, or whatever.

Horsefeathers! The fact is that when properly motivated, the youth of today can be truly innovative.

For example, here's an inspirational story about how teenagers have discovered a high-pitched ringtone that adults--such as evil teachers who prohibit the use of cellphones in class--can't hear. The new ringtone is in such high demand that some sites are selling it for $2.99 or more.

The sound is best described as that of a mosquito. In fact, the idea came from a device (appropriately called "The Mosquito") initially developed as a "teen repellent" intended to annoy teenagers and keep them from loitering in public places. Meanwhile, adults would be immune to its effects since they wouldn't be able to hear it. The theory is that as one gets older, the ear begins to lose its ability to discern high frequency sounds. This decline begins as early as age 20.

The Mosquito was apparently first hijacked for use as a ringtone by someone in Scandinavia or England and quickly took on a life of its own.

I even downloaded it myself, and now I'm getting a lot fewer calls from bill collectors.

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