Thursday, December 22, 2005

When Dogs Attack

In what can best be described as disturbing news, a new report from the National Hurricane Center has downgraded Hurricane Katrina from a category 4 storm to a category 3. This was done after further analysis of the radar data compiled last August.

Winds in New Orleans--to the west of Katrina's center--would have been even less, probably even as low as category 1. This raises serious questions about the design of the city's levee system, which was supposedly designed to withstand category 3 hurricanes. Even so, some scientists argue that since Katrina was at one point a category 5 storm, the resulting tidal surge would still have been the same.

Meanwhile, New Orleans continues to struggle along in its recovery efforts. Many parts of the city remain largely deserted, and packs of wild dogs can be seen wandering the streets. In one particularly disturbing case, a pack of starving hounds descended upon a helpless alligator. After wearing it down, the killed the exhausted reptile and ate its remains.

A photo was taken during the attack. It is extremely graphic in its depiction of violence, so look upon it only if you dare--and definitely not while you're eating.

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