Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Arnold: Guilty Of Upholding The Laws Of The State Of California

The European Union has now condemned Arnold Schwarzenegger's decision to allow the execution of Tookie Williams. In fact, they're calling the entire idea of capital punishment "barbaric."

Well, that's nice. But just out of curiosity, do they also consider the murders of four innocent people barbaric? Or how about the creation of a street gang which, in its almost 30 years of existence, has caused hundreds of deaths?

Austria's Green Party has gone as far as to demand that Schwarzenegger be stripped of his citizenship. Oh, so now Austria wants to lecture us about what is and is not barbaric? Just out of curiosity, how many Jews did Austria allow to die in the gas chambers? And please don't blame Hitler for that. I'm sure if the man hadn't killed himself, he would have gone on to write children's books, and then all would have been forgiven.

Even the Vatican has weighed in, with a spokesman saying that the death penalty flies in the face of "redemption and human dignity." Uh, before the church begins lecturing ANYONE on justice, perhaps they should look closely at themselves and their decades-long history of quietly reassigning hundreds of known child molesters to new parishes.

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