Friday, June 05, 2009

Still Missing

Well, this is certainly an odd development in the mystery of flight 447: For the last couple of days we had been hearing that searchers had found a debris field along the plane's flight path. Yesterday the big news was that the first remnants from the crash had been recovered. However, after inspecting the items, the French government says that the debris is NOT from missing plane, and that in fact they still have not found any evidence to indicate where 447 went down.

Aviation experts are apparently not lending any credence to my personal theory that there are survivors stranded on an deserted island and being pursued by a smoke monster while shifting back and forth through time. And as bad as things may be for them now, just wait till they encounter The Others.

Have you ever noticed that every single time there's a plane crash, we're always told by the experts that the aircraft involved has a strong safety record? It never seems to matter what kind of plane it was: The statistics tell us that it's a remarkably safe airplane.

Just once I'd like to hear someone from the FAA come forward and tell us, "Yeah, that plane's a f*cking deathtrap. You'd have to be a fool to get on that thing."

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