Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Power of Nature

We had some pretty big thunderstorms roll through the area last night, so it was a good time to go out and buy some lottery tickets.

You see, I once read that your odds of winning the lottery are about the same as being hit by lightning. Consequently, to improve my chances of becoming a multi-millionaire Powerball winner, I only play the lottery during thunderstorms. So whenever it looks like a storm is approaching, I run across the street to the 7-11 and load up on tickets. Then I run back home, climb up on the roof, wrap myself around the big metal TV antenna, and start scratching away.

Unusual? I suppose. But nowadays, it seems like a better retirement plan than investing in the stock market.

Only problem was that during this last storm the wind blew the ladder away, so I was stuck on the roof all night. I finally shimmied down the drainpipe, and boy, are the insides of my thighs raw!

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