Monday, June 01, 2009

Joining the Dark Side

Although I've been writing this blog for something like six years now, I've resisted the urge to do the Facebook thing. However, last week, in a moment of profound weakness, I gave in and joined. I'm not sure why, but for some reason I feel like I surrendered to the temptations of the Dark Side. I keep expecting Darth Vader to show up at my front door and chop off my hand. If he does, I'm hoping he takes my left one so my sex life remains unaffected.

For the most part, anything you read in my Facebook notes will have first been posted here at MM&M. However, not everything here will make it over to Facebook. Though I toyed with the idea of linking the two--it's possible to set it up so anything you post on Blogspot also shows up on Facebook--I decided not to. The fact is that I occasionally discover typos that I missed before posting an item. And while I hope it's not considered cheating, I do go back and correct them. You can't do that on Facebook if a posting arrived via a feed from Blogger--only if it's an "original" item.

Make sense? That's okay, I'm confused, too.

Thanks to Facebook, I've also managed to find several people from my 1977 high school class. And judging by the growing pile of restraining orders, they were even more surprised that I found them.

There is one catch: Facebook requires potential readers to sign up. But if you're already a member, or decide to join me here on the dark side, feel free to pay me a visit. If you decide to do the friend thing, mention in the request that you came from the blog.

Oh, and don't be confused by the name Andrew B. Cseplo. In order to preserve my anonymity, I resorted to using an alias.

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