Friday, May 29, 2009

Survival of the Stupidest

There has been plenty of evidence lately that man is upsetting the natural order of things. Usually this charge is leveled in conjunction with global warming, but it may go well beyond that. Our actions as a species may well be influencing the evolution of humans as a species, and not in a good way. Specifically, the old evolutionary tidbit about "survival of the fittest" no longer seems to apply.

Case in point: Yesterday two male teenagers had to be rescued from the Potomac River. And what, pray tell, were they doing in the water to begin with? Well, they had apparently decided to swim from the Virginia side of the river to the Maryland side.

Experts repeatedly tell us that the Potomac's waters are deceptively serene. Underlying them are some vicious currents. Just a few weeks ago an 11 year old boy slipped off some rocks and drowned. A nearby fisherman who tried to rescue him also suffered the same fate.

The two teens only made it as far as some rocks in the middle of the river. They were spotted by passersby who called 911. They were eventually rescued by the Montgomery County Fire Department's Swift Water Rescue team and returned to the Virginia side.

Great. Like we really wanted them back.

Anyway, by utilizing modern technology like cellphones and radio dispatched rescue boats, man thwarted Mother Nature's well intentioned effort to thin our herd of inferior members. Specifically, OUR herd. As a result, these two idiots well be now be free to grow up and further dilute the gene pool.

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