Friday, October 12, 2007

Speaking Of People Who Need "Perfecting...."

Scientists are in general agreement that the universe began with a "big bang" some 13-14 billion years ago. If you ask the same group of scientists what the universe's ultimate fate will be, you are likely to get any of a dozen different theories.

Some will argue that the universe is destined to collapse back in on itself, leading to another big bang and thus beginning the cycle anew. Others will say no, the galaxies will keep expanding forever until they all eventually burn out and the universe will be reduced to a vast ocean of nothingness. Still others believe that it's an ongoing cycle of renewal, with the dusty remains of burned out galaxies giving rise to new ones.

Personally, I think that the world we know, as well as the solar system in which we live, plus all the stars we see in the sky and the billions more beyond our ability to see or even imagine, are ultimately doomed to be swallowed by the enormous cosmic void scientifically known as... Ann Coulter's mouth. Because let's face it, folks: Sooner or later this crazy bitch will open her yap just a little too wide, thereby creating a cosmic tear in the space-time continuum, and all of existence will simply get sucked in.

I bring this up only because Annie has gone and done it again: She's voiced an opinion so stunning in its sheer ignorance that it defies all belief. This time the conservative commentator was on a CNBC interview show when she said that Jews require "perfecting" by becoming Christians. She then went on to say that she thinks heaven looks "like New York City during the [2004] Republican National Convention."

In the same interview she also brags about how tolerant Christians are. Huh? If this woman considers herself "tolerant," then just what is her definition of a narrow-minded ignorant bigot?

For the answer to that, she should just look in a mirror.

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