Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Allah's Well That Ends Well

A would-be suicide bomber in Afghanistan ended up killing his own family instead when his mother tried to stop him from putting on the explosives.

This horrible tragedy raises some thorny legal and theological questions. While it's true that the guy failed to kill any infidels, it's also fairly obvious that he at least intended to. Is that intent enough to get him into Paradise, and does he still get the 72 virgins? After all, it's not his fault his mother interfered.

And suppose he does, in fact, get into Paradise. Will the other suicide bombers' souls make fun of him for being a "mama's boy?" More importantly, will the virgins laugh at him for letting his mother screw up his plans? And if they're all laughing at him, will he still be able to get it up, or will he end up spending eternity being humiliated by naked virgins?

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