Thursday, October 18, 2007

Going To The Dogs

I've always liked Ellen DeGeneres. Even when she came out of the closet a few years ago, I was okay with it. She's what I would call a "hot lesbian," as opposed to Rosie O'Donnell, who's a "scary as hell lesbian."

That's why I'm so disappointed by her behavior during this whole dog adoption thing. In case you missed the story, DeGeneres adopted a dog through some canine rescue agency, then turned around and gave the dog to her hairdresser's family. The agency then went to the hairdresser's house and "repossessed" the dog.

DeGeneres then used her talk show as a tearful platform to whine and cry about how horrible the people at the agency were to do such a thing. As a result, people at the dog adoption agency have been getting death threats because they made Ellen cry.

I know several people who have adopted cats through such agencies. I almost used one a couple of years ago myself. It is made quite clear when you sign up with these people that you and your home will go through a screening process by someone from the agency, and that it will be subject to future inspections as well. It's also made clear that you can not give the animal away.

Strict? Well, yes, I suppose so. But many of these animals are coming out of bad environments to begin wih, so the agency does this for the protection of the animal so it's not traumatized further. And quite frankly, it also serves to eliminate people like Michael Vick from getting his hands on more dogs to torture.

If you go through an animal adoption agency, those are the rules. Take it or leave it. Quite frankly, that's one reason why I ended up not using an animal rescue group when I got another cat. I didn't want have to clean the apartment and pick up all my dirty socks just to make it presentable for an inspection.

DeGeneres, on the other hand, decided to take the deal.

So when she turned around and gave the dog away, she broke the rules. That's tough. Why should she be exempted from the agreement she made? After all, if it had been you or me, we would have been held to the terms we had agreed to. But what makes this whole thing even more unfortunate is that she chose to whine about the consequences of her actions on national TV.

Celebrities need to learn that their poop smells the same as everyone else's. Come to think of it, the people who idolize those celebrities need to realize the same thing.

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