Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pass The Sushi... And The Geiger Counter

In a rather high profile incident last fall, a Russian citizen living in England died of radiation poisoning. The case quickly mushroomed into one of international intrigue as it became apparent that Alexander Litvinenko, a well known critic of Russian President Putin, had been intentionally killed. British authorities investigating the death quickly began to uncover a trail of radiation contamination, including hotel rooms, a sushi restaurant, and airliners.

All the evidence pointed to a guy named Andrei Lugovoy (NOT to be be confused with some guy named Lugosi). Lugovoy, like Putin himself, was a former KGB agent. This further increased speculation that the Kremlin was behind the hit. A few ago, after additional investigation, Britain issued a warrant for Lugovoy's arrest.

Yesterday, Lugovoy held a press conference in Moscow and denied all involvement. According to him, the real killers are still in England.

Right. No doubt playing golf with the real killers of O.J.'s wife.

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