Wednesday, May 23, 2007

'Deliverance' At The Pump

The National Weather Service has come out with its annual hurricane forecast, and it doesn't look good. As many as 17 named storms are expected, with up to ten of them becoming hurricanes. Up to five of them are expected to be category 3 or stronger (Saffir-Simpson scale).

And before anyone takes comfort in last year's virtually non-existent hurricane season, experts point out that there was an unexpected showing by El Nino in the Pacific. That created high altitude winds that served to disrupt any potential hurricanes in the Atlantic before they had a chance to form. There will be no El Nino in 2007, and in fact there is a La Nina. Aside from further illustrating the problem with illegal Latino immigrants, La Nina conditions tend to be much more conducive to the formation of major tropical storm systems.

Federal forecasters are so concerned about the situation that they are urging oil companies to stockpile oil away from coastal areas. With gasoline prices poised to break the record set in 1981, any further major disruption would be catastrophic, resulting in economic turmoil, long lines, sky-high prices, and motorists bending over gasoline pumps as they're forced to drop trou and take it up the ass.

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