Tuesday, May 29, 2007

At Least He Wasn't Clad In A Cheerleader Outfit

For the past day I've been seeing the headline Man Clad in Underwear Pins Leopard on various news sites. For some reason, I just find its wording odd. It's as if the unusual part of the story is NOT that someone pinned a leopard in the first place, but that the guy was only wearing his skivvies when he did it.

Was this some sort of major fashion faux pas? Should he have stopped to put on his pants before engaging this wild animal in a desperate life and death struggle? Maybe even a suit and tie? Hell, why not a tux? Then he could have wielded his cummerbund as a weapon.

What exactly is the proper social protocol for a situation like this? I certainly wouldn't want to wake up in bed with a fierce man eating animal--whether it be a leopard, a lion, an alligator, or Sharon Stone--standing over me and not be properly dressed for the occasion.

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