Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Illegal Irony

Immigrants yesterday held a series of rallies across the nation demanding a loosening of citizenship laws. Turnout was lower than for similar gatherings last year.

Probably because a lot of them have been deported in the meantime.

Speaking for myself, I have no real problem with Latinos who come into this country illegally. After all, I appreciate fine lawncare as much as the next guy.

Nor do I buy into the whole "but they're stealing our jobs" mentality. 99% of the people who use that line as an excuse to justify their hostility towards immigrants are merely hiding what is nothing more than prejudice against foreigners in general.

The other excuse that cracks me up is the BS about "securing our borders against terrorists." Oh puh-LEEZE!!!!! How many of the 19 hijackers involved in 9/11 were Mexicans, or Salvadorans, or Nicaraguans, or some other group of taco eaters? None! So again, that's just an excuse used to justify plain old narrow-minded bigotry.... Oh, and I meant the term "taco eaters" in the nicest possible way.

What I do object to is giving illegal immigrants too many rights. For example, during the last census there was argument over whether illegals should be counted when setting up new congressional districts. Well, why would you? They're in the country illegally, for crying out loud! And some states have even debated whether illegal aliens should be issued drivers licenses. Again, why would you do that? They're here illegally! And yes, for crying out loud!

I'm also bothered by the increasing use of bilingual tools. For example, when I go to an ATM, why should I first have to choose whether to read the screen in English or in Spanish? Or if I have to navigate the various options in a voicemail system, why should I first have to choose between the two languages? And if you work in a McDonald's, they shouldn't need to call over an interpreter when I order an Egg McMuffin.

Speaking of McDonald's, there's nothing I hate more more than all those women behind the counter jabbering away, glancing in my direction, and bursting out in laughter. It's just rude, and it makes me nervous. What's so damn funny? Is my fly down? Is there a booger hanging from my nose? What?

And don't even get me started on the middle eastern women who want to be photographed for their drivers licenses wearing burqas. Don't laugh: That issue has gone to court in several states.

If someone wants to come to this country, fine, but it should up to them to adapt to our culture and our language. That's the sacrifice they have to make if they want to participate in our society. It shouldn't be up the rest of us to adapt to their ways.

Hmmm.... I'm not sure what led to the preceding rant. My intent was to merely post about a recent news item out of Sand Diego. It seems two officials of a construction company were recently fined for hiring illegal aliens. Nothing unusual about that, you say? Well, normally, no. But in this particular case they had used illegal aliens while building a wall to secure the local border with Mexico.

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