Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Well, There's Always Tahiti

Many world leaders are condemning the recent military coup in Fiji. The British Foreign Secretary, for example, called the military takeover "wholly unconstitutional."

Well, DUH!! Isn't that the whole point of a military coup? You round up the democratically elected leaders of a country, stick 'em in jail, then shoot them one by one. I'm betting most nations don't generally include that particular process in their constitutions.

Why does Fiji even have a military? All they have in the way of "resources" is a bunch of tropical resorts. Are the islands at risk of being overrun by maruading bands of honeymooners intent on world domination?

Anyway, because of the coup most countries are moving to suspend trade with Fiji. As a result, the country's economy is expected to take a serious hit.

But there is a more important issue at work here: Who cares!?!?! Fiji is what, like eight square miles? Their principle export is grass skirts. And what's the population? Twelve people? Is this really something the world should care about?

Besides, the polar ice caps are melting. In another couple of years Fiji will disappear into the ocean and the point will be moot.

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