Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Back in May, two Fairfax County (Virginia) police officers were killed in the parking lot of their police station by a gunman. Vicky Armel and Michael Garbarino were the first officers to have been shot to death in the 66 year history of the department, and the community's support and outpouring of grief were overwhelming. Streets around the station had to actually be closed off because of the crowds coming to pay their respects. Thousands of people lined the funeral routes the days of the burials.

As it turns out, this outpouring of grief was not entirely universal. The manager of a Texas Roadhouse restaurant near the station was upset by the lost business caused by the recurring road closures. He went as far as to send the police department a bill asking for $9000 in compensation.

Out of fairness, it should be noted that once word of the restaurant's actions got out and the death threats began to come in, the manager withdrew the request for compensation. Still, you have to wonder just what the hell he was thinking.

If you would like to offer your sympathies to the poor guy for having lost $9000 because two inconsiderate cops had the nerve to bleed to death just a few hundred yards away, the restaurant's phone number is 703-378-9887. Ask for Eric.

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