Friday, October 07, 2005

LCD Or Plasma?

Show of hands: How many of you even knew there was a Tropical Storm Tammy? Oh, that's not very many of you, is it? It formed two days ago and came ashore yesterday near the Georgia/Florida state lines with 50 mph and lots of rain, killing hundreds.... Well, okay, maybe not hundreds. But it's fairly certain someone somewhere slid off a rain-slickened roadway into some trees, severely bumping his or her head.

At any rate, it's indicative of yet another failure by the Bush Administration to adequately protect the American people.

Tammy's remnants are expected to drop over an inch of rain on the DC area today, and I've been busily preparing for it. I cleaned out the trunk of my '57 DeSoto to make plenty of room, and once the weather turns nasty, leading to a totale breakdown of the social order, I'm going out to do some looting.

Still trying to decide between Best Buy and Circuit City, though.

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