Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Honey, His Diaper's Full Of Kryptonite Again

Normal people like us like to joke about the celebrities in Hollywood being just a bit... "strange." Of course, that's just talk, right? Just because they sometimes climb up on Oprah's couch and proclaim their love for each other doesn't mean they're different from the rest of us, does it? After all, given the opportunity, wouldn't we do the same thing.... Assuming we weren't brainwashed by some cult? They put their pants on one leg at a time just like we do, and their crap smells just like ours.

But every now and then someone in Hollywood will do something so bizarre and out of the norm, that we mortals have to step back, examine our beliefs, and admit that, yes, those Hollywood types really are f*cking weird.

The latest one to step over the line and enter Bizarro World is actor Nicholas Cage. A few days ago he and his wife had a baby boy. And that's a good thing. We normal people have babies all the time, too. Afterwards we give them names like Jason, John, Kathy, Fred, or Lugosi. In other words, nice, normal sounding names.

What we do NOT do, however, is go around giving our kids Superman's birth name, Kal-el.

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