Friday, September 23, 2005

Fly The Flaming Skies

For several hours Wednesday evening much of America watched and waited as JetBlue flight 292 circled Los Angeles. The plane had no sooner taken off from nearby Burbank when the pilots discovered they were unable to retract the front landing gear. A flyby of the control tower revealed that not only were the front wheels stuck, they were stuck in a sideways position.

Heavily loaded with fuel for the flight to New York, the pilots circled the city for several hours to burn most of it off. In the meantime, the news media got wind of the story and flight 292's dilemma quickly became the top story of the hour, forcing Rita updates and important stories about missing white women off the air.

Pretty nerve wracking stuff for anyone who was watching this story undold live on national TV.... Which happened to include the people on the freakin' plane!!!

You see, one of JetBlue's claims to fame--besides low fares and brushes with death--is the fact that each seat comes equipped with its own TV. Passengers are thus able to watch whatever they want so long as it's on DirectTV. So the people on the crippled plane, as they circled LA. ended up watching experts on Fox News and CNN speculate about whether they were all going to die in a fiery crah.

All I can say is I'm glad I wasn't on the damn plane. I can only shit my pants so many times an hour.

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