Tuesday, July 12, 2005

You Better Be On Your Lunch Break, Pal

According to a recent survey by AOL (which sucks), Americans waste an average of over two hours a day while at work. Missouri came in first, with workers goofing off an average of four hours every day. Good ol' Virginia, which is where AOL is based, came in seventh at 2.7 hours.

No word on how AOL's own employees fared.

The number one way of wasting time among those surveyed was--not surprisingly--the internet. This includes things like checking personal email, instant messaging, and general surfing of the net. Other popular time wasters included personal phone calls and general socializing with coworkers.

This news is disturbing. Such unproductive time ends up costing employers $759 every year, and that is money that in turn affects everyone through higher costs for goods and services. Quite frankly, an argument could be made that this is indicative of a general decline in the work ethic as well as morals, for what these slackers are doing is, in essence, stealing from their employers. Furthermore

Boss coming--BTW

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