Sunday, January 16, 2005


Wow!! Rocks!!
A few weeks ago the Cassini spacecraft released a European probe designed to land on the surface of Titan, Saturn's most mysterious moon. It has finally touched down, and dramatic photos taken by its on-board cameras reveal, beyond all doubt, indisputable evidence of what can only be described as: Rocks.

Yes, it's true: There are rocks on Titan. Scientists all around the world are agog at the photos, for this proves, once and for all, that rocks are not a unique phenomenon confined merely to The Earth, our moon, and Mars. Indeed, the presence of rocks on Titan is the strongest evidence to date that our own rocks may not be alone in this vast universe of ours.

If true, this discovery will have profound implications not only for mankind, but for how we view ourselves and our rocks in the grand scheme of things.

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