Thursday, March 11, 2004

Cream & Sugar?
New research strongly suggests that you can ward off Diabetes by drinking lots of coffee. In fact, ten cups of java a day can lower a man's risk by 55%.

On the other hand, you'll eventually end up dying of a heart attack while running to the bathroom.

The Passion of the Christ continues to rack up astounding totals at the box office. Passion even managed to handily beat Starsky and Hutch during its opening weekend. This was probably pre-ordained, however, since everyone knows those two are probably gay, retired from the police force by now, and waiting in line to get married in San Francisco.

Still, all this talk lately about religion has forced me to reexamine my own spirituality. And I I'm not afraid to admit that I've slipped over the years, and need to be reminded of the life and times of our savior. However, I still don't feel like I could sit through the gruesome scenes of torture that permeate The Passion of the Christ.

So instead I'm going to rent Life of Brian and watch that tonight.

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