Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Earlier today President Bush vetoed a massive farm bill. The House of Representatives wasted no time overriding the veto with a 316-108 vote, thereby hitting the President with a major political defeat.

The Democrats' victory was short-lived, however, when it was discovered that they had accidentally left out a 34 page section from the copy of the bill they had sent to the White House. That means the President actually vetoed a bill that hadn't passed through Congress, and that Congress in return overrode a non-existent veto. The end result is the kind of procedural mess that can only happen in DC.

A humiliating mistake by Democrat congressional leaders? I suppose. But it's still gotta be less embarrassing than invading the wrong f*cking country, causing tens of thousands of senseless deaths, and destroying your nation's standing in the international community.

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