Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just Admit We F*cked Up

In a recent speech, Vice President Dick Cheney said that “Failure in Iraq would embolden al Qaeda and other like-minded groups." He went on to say that Iraq would become a training ground for terrorists much like Afghanistan did in the '90s.

Well, that may well be true. But the problem with his logic is that whole reason this quandry exists in the first place is because we invaded Iraq, deposed the existing government, created a power vacuum, occupied a sovereign nation, and destabilized the entire Middle East. In other words, it's our fault.

In fact, every argument for staying in Iraq gets back to the same cause and effect: The reason the situation exists is because we invaded.

Undue influence in Iraq from Iran? Yes, but that's only because we provided the opening for Iran.

Civil war between the Sunnis and Shiites? Only because we got rid of the dictator that kept a tight lid on that situation.

Al Qaeda might turn Iraq into a training ground? Yes, but only because we invaded and provided them with the opportunity. The simple fact is that there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq while Saddam was in power.

Just once I would like to hear Bush or Cheney take responsibility for creating this mess.

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