Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Matter Of Trust

CBS news anchor Katie Couric distributes little video and audio essays for assorted TV and radio stations. Called Kate's Notebook, the short pieces are usually delivered in the first person. Last week's was no exception, with Couric reminiscing about her joy as a child when she got her first library card. Yes, apparently she was quite the geek.

Anyway, problems quickly arose when it turned out that the piece was an almost verbatim reading of a column by Jeffrey Zaslow that ran in the Wall Street Journal.

So what's the deal? Is America's sweetheart a dirty little plagiarist? Well, no, but the producer that wrote the piece for Couric apparently is, and was promptly fired for her offense.

CBS seems to think that's the end of the matter. However, it leaves unresolved the question of why Couric is reading material in the first person--sounding like she's relating a personal experience--when it was actually written by someone else. Isn't that somewhat deceptive?

If we can't trust Katie Couric to deliver the plain, unvarnished truth, who can we trust? What's next? A photo showing Amish school children, who supposedly shun ALL modern conveniences, carrying plastic lunch boxes?

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