Sunday, January 21, 2007

Peyton Manning For President

Is Peyton Manning amazing or what? Going into halftime, Manning's Indianapolis Colts were down 21-6 against New England. But rather than roll over and die, Manning led his team in an amazing comeback. The Colts soon tied the game with a touchdown and a two point conversion.

Through most of the fourth quarter, the Patriots would score and briefly pull ahead, only to have the Colts come back yet again to tie the game. With less than two minutes to go, Indianapolis finally managed to take the lead themselves. For a moment it looked like the Patriots might tie the game and force overtime, but that hope--and their season--ended with an interception.

When all was said and done, the Colts won 38-34. In so doing, they also had completed the biggest comeback ever in an NFL conference championship game.

Those of you not familiar with American-style football may not fully appreciate the magnitude of this accomplishment. To put it in proper perspective, think of it this way: This amazing comeback is the sports equivalent of George W. Bush actually turning things around with his stupid surge idea, winning in Iraq, and going down in history as an absolute genius.

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