Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Maybe God Told Him To Go Off His Medication

Noted televangelist and suspected psycho Pat Robertson is back in the news. Now he is predicting that the United States will suffer a major terrorist attack in late 2007. His source? None other than the lord almighty himself. Yes, it's true: Pat routinely has conversations with God in which God tells him to go forth and make an ass of himself.

Robertson, you may recall, is the Christian leader who last year called for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. And a few years ago he also said that someone should drop an atomic bomb on the U.S. State Department. More recently, he predicted that the "wrath of God" would descend upon the community of Dover, Pennsylvania after voters ousted the pro-intelligent design school board. That was 421 days ago (there's a counter in the left hand column of this page) and Dover is still there.

If nothing else, Pat Robertson proves that the only religious leaders openly killing for death and mayhem in the name of God aren't Muslims.

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