Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Introducing Our Next President

As the nation's focus slowly shifts to the 2008 presidential election, I have been deliberating who would be the best choice to pick up the rubble left behind by George W. Bush. The current democratic front runner is Hillary Clinton, but she has a lot of political baggage and may not be electable. Barrack Obama just formed his exploratory committee, but will he still be such a hot commodity in a year? Dennis Kucinich recently announced he was running again, and I about choked on a sandwich from laughing so hard. John Edwards has name recognition, perfect hair, and plenty of charisma.

And then there's John Kerry... It still boggles the mind that he was unable to beat Bush. Comedian Lewis Black summed it up best: Losing to George W. Bush is like a normal person being unable to win at the Special Olympics.

The Republicans certainly have some early choices as well. John McCain appears to be an early favorite, though his steadfast support for Bush's ill-advised troop surge may yet sink his candidacy. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has the credentials to appeal to the far right. And former Virginian governor James Gilmore has made early rumblings about throwing his hat into the ring.... Even if he did virtually bankrupt the state during his term.

Then I got to thinking: Why must our choices be between a Democrat and a Republican? Is there a viable third choice out there? Someone who can--quite literally--"fly above the fray?"

Indeed there is, and that is why I have made my choice for our next President.

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