Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Perverts Can Be Cute

A swan in Germany has apparently fallen in love with a paddle boat shaped like, well, a swan. Peter Overschmidt, the owner of the business that rents the two seat boat, says the bird has not left the boat's side since it arrived earlier this month.

This is just another example of what can happen in those permissive countries that are so typical of Europe. They claim to be proud to be secular, but it's that sort of godless attitude that gives rise to such disturbing and unnatural behavior among the lord's creatures.

We would never tolerate that sort of thing in the United States. That's why we're proud to be led by a godfaring man like George Bush. He believes in the Bible, agrees that evolution is an unproven science, and isn't afraid to lie through his teeth in order to justify the invasion of Iraq. That's why we'll follow him anywhere.

And if that stupid swan had started behaving unnaturally here in America, Bush would have immediately ordered Cheney to shoot it.

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