Monday, December 20, 2004

There Were Quite A Few Of Them Lying Around The Parking Lot

You know that expression about it being cold enough to freeze "your balls off?" That's pretty much describes today. The temperatures were in the single digits this morning in many areas, with windchills pushing -10. But that's okay, because the highs this afternoon were relatively balmy in the low 20's.

Where the hell's that global warming Bush promised us?

All this cold follows a relatively interesting afternoon yesterday. The front that came through first hit with rain, which quickly became snow. That transition was actually heralded by a few claps of thunder. There is something vaguely Armageddon-like about lightning during a blizzard.

After chipping the ice, snow, and minor glacial formations off my car this morning, I decided to run back inside for a few minutes to warm up. That's when I felt it: Something akin to large fuzzy marbles rolling down the inside of my pants leg. This was a somewhat disconcerting sensation, and when I looked to see what was going on, it turned out to be my testicles! That's right, my balls had quite literally frozen off!!

Anyway, I just used duct tape to reattach them, and everything seems to be fine now.


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