Monday, October 20, 2003

Opening arguments begin today in the trial of DC sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad. It is being held in Virginia Beach, however, because of concern whether Muhammad could have received a fair trial in northern Virginia, where several of the slayings occurred.
This is good, because it is obvious the poor guy is being framed. Granted, he was found with a Bushmaster rifle in the car, and the gun was subsequently linked to the shooting through ballistics tests. And yes, his car also had its backseat modified to fold down so that a shooter could actually lie flat while aiming through a hole cut into the trunk lid. And it's also true that Muhammad had a laptop computer which contained maps of the various locations where the shootings took place. And yes, there is the relatively minor detail of the car's license plates, which were checked by suspicious police officers in the vicinity of several killings shortly after they took place.
But aside from those totally insignificant and coincidental details, there is no evidence linking Muhammad to the crimes. It is obvious to any casual observer that the man is every bit as innocent of these horrible charges as O.J. was!

And a happy birthday to Bela Lugosi, who was born on this day in 1882.

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