Wednesday, April 23, 2008


My favorite movie of 2008 especially since it's the ONLY movie of 2008 I've seen so far) is "Cloverfield" (my review from January). The DVD is now out, and of course I had to have it the first day. That's why I pre-ordered from Best Buy.

Big mistake. I've done pre-orders from Amazon before and they arrived in the mail the same day they're available. But because I wanted to save a buck, I decided to pre-order from Best Buy this time. And did I get it yesterday? Nope. In fact, I checked the tracking number again TODAY, and the package is still sitting in a postal distribution center in freakin' New Jersey. That's what I get for straying from Amazon.

Anyway, being the impatient sort that I am, I ended up buying from something called a store. It's kind of like buying online, except you can actually walk up to the merchandise and touch. Even more amazing, these store things will let you buy the item right then and there and take it home with you!!!! No more waiting for the UPS guy or the mailman!

What will they think of next?

Anyway, there's a great piece of music that plays during the closing credit called "Roar: The Cloverfield Overture." It's the only original music in the film and has been difficult to find a version to download. In fact, the only version of it online has from a guy who snuck a recorder into the theater. However, I now have a clean copy of it that I lifted from the DVD. I tried to post it, but it's nine minutes long and at over one meg in size, my web hosting service won't accept it. But if you'd like it, feel free to email me and I'll gladly send you the MP3 file. And if you ask nicely, I'll even attach a couple of pictures of Britney Spears actually wearing underwear.

* * * * * * * WARNING--SPOILER INFO * * * * * * * WARNING--SPOILER INFO * * * * * * * WARNING--SPOILER INFO * * * * * * *

So where did the monster come from? Well, if you watch the last scene of the movie very VERY carefully, there's a very likely answer. Just after the scene under the birdge in Central Park, the recording goes blank for a moment, and then reverts to the original footage that was on the camera. It's Coney Island again, and the camera is looking out towards the ocean. You can see a ship on the water. A small object falls out of the sky above the ship and splashes into the water along the horizon. It's barely noticeable, and the whole sequence lasts maybe a second. But it's there, and does strongly suggest that the creature is extraterrestrial in origin.

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