Sunday, March 30, 2008

Playing The Angles

Have you ever wondered why they measure TV screens and the such diagonally? It's to make them bigger. For example, my computer monitor measures 18.75 inches horizontally and 11.75" vertically. But if you measure it diagonally, it's 22", which is what it said on the box.

The same is true for TV screens: Manufacturers advertise the diagonal measurement simply because the TV seems "bigger" that way. All other things being equal, would you rather buy a 37" Sony or a 42" Toshiba? Well, guess what? They both have the exact same size screen! It's just that the Sony number is measured horizontally while the Toshiba's is measured diagonally.

The same holds true with GPS devices and cellphones: The screen size quoted in the description is always the diagonal measurement because it just seems bigger.

Well, that settles that. From now on, I'm measuring my dick diagonally.

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