Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nothing Worse Than Broken China

To many people, China appears to be a big monolithic country filled with a billion people who, well, look pretty much all look alike. Despite occasional rumblings from pro democracy movements in the nation, we've always thought of the Beijing government as being firmly in control. Cracks, however, are starting to form.

Last week the world learned of a plot by a separatist group to hijack an airliner and crash it into the Chinese capital. This comes less than two months after police in one province raided a suspected terrorist hideout, killing two and arresting 15. The group was apparently seeking to somehow disrupt the Olympics.

What's most surprising about all this: The people involved in all this were Muslims.

Then this past weekend, unrest in Tibet spread to neighboring provinces. In response, Chinese security forces have been flooding the region.

In response to the escalating unrest, the price of kung pao has soared to $110 a barrel on world markets.

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