Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Run, Forrest! Run!

Scientists have long debated whether the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex was a fast, agile animal, or a lumbering, clumsy giant. Well, a group of experts fed data about the endangered (only a few, owned by Steve Spielberg and periodically used in movies, survive on isolated islands in the Pacific) dinosaurs into computers. Their conclusion? T-Rexes could run faster than humans.

This would seem to be a blow to believers of intelligent design. After all, it has long been their contention that humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time. But if that were true, the new findings would seem to indicate that Adam and Eve, unable to run fast enough, would have been eaten. And with no original humans around to reproduce, mankind wouldn't exist.

On the bright side, we wouldn't have an illegal immigration problem.

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