Friday, March 25, 2005

Making No Bones About It

Scientists have discovered preserved "soft tissue" in the thigh bone of a T-Rex, believed to have been disconnected from life support 70 million years ago, in Montana. They say that the structure of the still intact blood vessels are similar to what you find in an ostrich, thereby lending more credence to the idea that birds evolved from dinosaurs.

What!?!?!? Evolved!?!?!?

That's absurd!!!! Everyone knows that this whole evolution thing is just a silly ol' theory with absolutely no basis in the bible, and therefore must not be true.

But beyond that, this discovery is rather scary. If these scientists can recover intact DNA from the cells, that raises the possibility that the dinosaur can be cloned.

Well, that's just freakin' great.... If walking down the street and encountering a snarling pit bull isn't scary enough, now I have to worry about being bitten by someone's pet Tyranosaurus Rex!?!?

More importantly, how the hell are you going to find a vet willing to neuter him?