Friday, August 15, 2003

For those of you in the northeast surfing the web via electricity generated by hamster exercise wheels, thanks for visiting....
It's hard to fully appreciate the magnitude of this power outage. Fifty million people.... Almost 10,000 square miles.... And no one's willing to take responsibility for it! A spokesman for a Florida power company, Bill Swank, even said the system "worked as it was supposed to." I'm not sure, but I think Mr. Swank used to work for the Iraqi Ministry of Information as the Chief Optimism Officer.
Meanwhile, people are practically tripping over one another as the fingerpointing begins. At one point, Canadian Prime Minister Jean "Pumpkinhead" Chretien blamed the outage on a lightning strike and fire at a Niagra Falls (US side) power plant. Officials at that facility quickly denied it, and wasted no time saying the problem started in Canada. Yet another theory involved a Pennsylvania nuclear power plant. Now some are placing the blame on an Ohio utlity.
Instead of wasting all this time throwing accusations back & forth, wouldn't it be more productive to simply figure out what went wrong so it can be prevented from happening again?
Did I just say that? Sorry. I was momentarily overcome by logic.

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