Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Speaking of Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire...

Aside from the immense waste of life, one of the most scandalous things about the Iraq war has been the profound waste of money. Of the tens of billions of dollars in aid provided by American taxpayers to rebuild the country, billions remain unaccounted for. For all we know, much of the money has simply ended up lining the pockets of corrupt Iraqi politicians.

So you would think that the Bush administration and Congress would have learned a thing or two about insuring that our money goes where it's intended to, and is otherwise properly tracked.

And if you seriously thought that, you would be a naive fool.

Of that $700 billion bailout package provided to financial institutions last month, billions are unaccounted for. Many of the recipient banks simply don't know where the funds went, or are outright refusing to say.

I have previously offered a novel solution for holding the people responsible for our current economic mess accountable: Cut off their nuts.

Perhaps it's time to expand that list of names.

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