Monday, December 03, 2007

Why Not Require A Blood Oath?

Unlike some states, Virginia doesn't require party registration to vote in primary elections. That means that Democrats can cross party lines and vote for Republicans, and vice versa.

Apparently alarmed by the state's steady drift towards the dark side (Virginia has had two democratic governors in a row; Democrat James Webb beat out George "Macaca for Brains" Allen for the United States Senate last year; and the state senate was taken over by godless democrats last month), Virginia Republican leaders had the bright idea to require voters to sign a "loyalty pledge" in the February Republican primary. Under it's terms, voters would have agreed to support the Republican presidential nominee in November, regardless of which complete idiot it may turn out to be.

Aside from being completely meaningless and unenforceable, it was pretty damn insulting.

After hearing the public outcry that ensued, party leaders have backtracked and dropped the loyalty pledge. The main concern, of course, was that it would only serve to piss people off and drive even more voters over to the Democrats.

A proposal for Republicans to further demonstrate party loyalty by publicly sacrificing their first born child was also dropped.

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