Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Little Divine Vengeance Never Hurt Anyone

Televangelist and backup Looney Tunes singer Pat Robertson says that God will destroy America because of the nation's acceptance of gay marriage. Uh-huh, sure, Pat. But riddle me this: Canada has legalized same sex marriages, and Canada hasn't been smited (smitten?) yet.

Most nations in Europe have also legalized it. But so far The Netherlands has not been swallowed up by lava from an erupting super volcano, nor have plagues of locusts have overrun Belgium. Even the first born sons of Portugal are still alive.

While we're at it, perhaps we should take a quick look at Pat's track record on apocalyptic predictions of divine vengeance. Once example that comes to mind is the town of Dover, Pennsylvania. Back in 2005, eight members of the school board who tried to introduce the teaching of intelligent design to the curriculum were defeated in their bid for reelection. Robertson quickly weighed in by saying that God would unleash his wrath upon the community for this unholy turn of democracy.

That was 2075 days ago. At last check, the people of Dover had not yet been transformed into pillars of salt.

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